You may be thinking this question to yourself; why should I contribute to Riripedia? For that question there are many answers, and saying them all will take too long. But let us progress.

Riripedia is a wiki, where everyone who's got real, actual information on Rihanna can contribute. Everybody can edit, and everybody have access. So, why contribute?

Riripedia is a place where you can explore your love for Rihanna, where you can read information about her songs, her singles, her albums, her past, etc. We all have different information, different fractions that we want to be united here on Riripedia. If you contribute, then Riripedia can become a massive encyclopedia, who can satisfy your questions on Rihanna.

We all want Riripedia to be a serious place, so do not post false articles, or rumours with no proof.

So, we on Riripedia hope that you will contribute and make Riripedia extraordinary, so that all the navy can read about Rihanna, who we all love so dearly.