Rude Boy
Rude Boy Cover
Cover of "Rude Boy"
Genre Pop, R&B
Released February 19, 2010
Album Rated R
Recorded 2009;
Metropolis Studios;
(London, England)
Length 3:43
Label Def Jam Recordings
Producer Stargate, Rob Swire
Rihanna's Singles Chronology
"Rockstar 101"

She named the song because of the happening with her boyfriend, Chris Brown, when he beat her she called him a rude boy which was one of his trigger words that had caused him to go berserk. This event also had happened in the TV studio at ABC.  The reason she had called him a rude boy was because he punched her in the face.  And that is rude.

Music videoEdit

She is seen in the video with 3 members of the KKK dancing and singing around her. Later in the video she received a blowjob from 2 of them simultaneously. With an interview with Michelle Obama, she said, "Okay bitch, I don't knead to take this shit from you," and slapped that ho in the throat.

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