1. NO inappropriate material. People listen to Rihanna and may come to this site.
  2. DO NOT add articles that say you like Rihanna. User Pages, Talk Pages, Blogs, and comments are for that.
  3. DO NOT erase stuff unless you know it is false.
  4. NO removing content from pages. If you remove content from pages you may be blocked/banned.
  5. DO NOT write false or inappropriate information on a page. It will be immediately erased.
  6. DO NOT create a page with false information for it will be deleted.
  7. Fan-made material are NOT allowed in this wiki! This is not a wiki for fan art. If you upload or create a fan-made material it will be immediately erased.
  8. If you want to delete a page, please see an administrator.
  9. It's NEVER okay to ask for a phone number or any personal information on Rihanna Wiki, including links to websites or e-mail addresses. If a user/contributor asks about personal information, you have to report to one of the administrators.
  10. It's OKAY to ask someone for A/S/L (Age/Sex/Location), and it's OKAY to answer as long as your answer DOESN'T included enough information to pinpoint you. So, you can give out city and state, but your street address or or phone number would be WRONG.
  11. NO cyber-bullying. Bullying is very rude and can hurt other user's feelings. Being rude and insulting other users counts as bullying. You have to report to one of the admininistrators to speak user/contributor.
  12. NO ship-bashing. If you don't like a certain ship, don't leave a rude comment on that page! Your comment will be deleted immediately. Also, no ship-warring because ship-warring is really annoying. Also, you cannot remove content from a certain pairings page because you do not like them.
  • Have fun!

Warning/Blocking rules

Every time you constantly break one of these rules, you get a warning. Three warnings and you get a ban. The time period of a ban can go from a few hours to permanently, depending on what you did. Also, if your ban is up and you still are breaking the rules we will expand the ban and soon you may even be permanently banned.

  • Please note that you can still get banned even if you aren't logged into an account. We can still block your IP address.

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