Rihanna's latest song WFL has been under some controversy. Rumors are that she made this single about her ex Chris Brown. Now after seeing the video that is easy to think. Like people are saying for her to be over him she is relating him in a lot of her songs. And here are some reasons:

  • the love interest in WFL looks just like Chris Brown with blond hair
  • the video shows Rihanna and her love interest fighting in a car
  • The day Rihanna was abused they were arguing in a car.

Now Chris has made some songs about Rihanna. BUT that was way back when it all happened but he has stoppped and moved on but Rihanna is still making videos. And that to me is kinda sad.But ppl all have different ways with dealing with things and maybe this is her way. But come on it took u this long???thumb|300px|left|chris brown song to rihannathumb|300px|right|another song reference to RiRithumb|168px|left

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